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Finding Aids and The Humanities in the Time of Covid

Wow. It's been over a YEAR since I last posted some (hopefully) helpful tidbit about Archives work here on Tiny Archives Project. And what radical changes we've seen in that time. Who would have imagined back in 2019 that here today, one year later, we would be in the middle of a pandemic that is still difficult to wrap our heads around? You may think I'm getting back to writing due to an expansion of my free time, but as a lot of us have realized, just being on lockdown (stay-at-home, quarantine, whatever you want to call it) doesn't mean time won't fill back up with STUFF. Be it through a sudden urge for Self Improvement, Not Wasting Time, Feeling Accomplished, Making the Most of This, Getting Back to Normal or just because life goes on and there really are endless things to be done even from home; most of us are pretty busy. I still have regular full workdays, weekly meetings, social engagements, workshops and speaking engagements (all online). And if you'r

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