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Tiny Photo Processing Project

Photographic collections processing has been happening in the Archives where I work probably since the late 1990s, long before we were even calling the collections an Archive. Back then everything - books, maps, manuscripts, photos, ephemera - was simply lumped under the category of Library. Evidence of processing from those days consists of a typewritten inventory sheets in boxes full of loose prints, with a copy of the documents on an old file server. As is typical, patrons were entirely dependent of the Librarian to know of the existence of these collections and to successfully locate them.
We've come a long way in the last couple of decades, with a relatively good online catalog hosting a healthy number of digital images for researchers to discover. And although I do sometimes burn out on the item level cataloging of thousands and thousands of photographic prints, slides and negatives, I can rarely get enough of the arts-and-crafts / engineering aspects of rehousing collectio…

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