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Wait. We're *gulp* Moving?!?! Part II.

In my last post I talked about the dreaded facts of moving. My organization moved its headquarters in 2017, and I was caught up in figuring out how to move our entire Archive from a large space to a small one. I talked about some of the challenges leading up to the move, but today I’ll continue with a few thoughts on how to handle the actual act of moving and its aftermath (FYI: the word “math” is part of this word for the simple fact that it is never a good thing).

Think Ahead, Then Think Some More

If you’re able to supervise the packing process (or doing it yourself), think far ahead about how you want things to be done. Is there a particular order in which shelving units should be packed? How do you want boxes to be labelled? Will your storage setup be replicated in the new place or will you need to modify how things are laid out? We had the advantage of an excellent move coordination consultant to help us with such things. I highly recommend having someone like this around or conne…

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