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Archives and PHI: Pretty Huckin' Interesting

In my last post I challenged all you Archivists out there to accession one sad, lonely backlogged collection or item that had been sitting around forever on the day of your choice: a day special to you like a birthday, anniversary or other significant date. I did this in my own Archives back on January 4th, National Spaghetti Day, because I love all pasta and I think the papers’ creator would approve. And for good measure, it also happened to be Doris Kearns Goodwin’s birthday, and the day the Spirit rover landed on Mars in 2004.

These papers weren’t sitting around for that long, per se. They were actually waiting for me when my Archives moved to their new home in October. There are plenty of other things to be accessioned, but this group of papers was small, in desperate need of rehousing, and full of fascinating stuff. The only challenge is that they contained several files full of PHI and other potentially sensitive information, and that means: RESTRICTED! Aww, rats!

You may be fam…

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