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How to Fix A Busted Metal Edged Box

Don't you hate it when this happens?
You've spent hard-won dollars from your scant, annual supply budget on acid-free, metal-edged storage boxes only to have the corners pop off! What to do? You could slap a few layers of some sort of tape on there, but you would want to use some extremely strong yet also archives-grade adhesive, lest you introduce some off-gassing plastic junk onto the box, and that would just be ... yuck.
There is another simple solution involving precisely one other common archives supply and a darning needle. A couple of steps and your box corners will be back together and strong as new. This method works even if the metal fastener has been lost entirely!

Step One: The metal fasteners on these boxes are not the most solid things to begin with. They adhere to the box simply by their spiky metal bits. To re-attach them and make them stronger, you're going to poke holes all the way through the board as they are aligned with the holes in the metal (and the …

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