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A Year-End Roundup for The Tiny Archives Project Blog

And so it has come to the twelfth installment of the Tiny Archives Project blog! Who knew way back last December the project would come this far and that my own Archives journey would be so winding and wild? After the craziness of managing an archives move in the last quarter of 2017, and dealing with a tiny new space for much of 2018, I am finally breathing a little sigh of relief here at the end of this chaotic spell. It's been so chaotic, in fact, that I'm waaaay behind in posting for December. But that means I'm early for January, right? Right?! Therefore, I am combining the two and taking a short break to pull things back together. Regular, first-ish-of-the-month posting will begin again in February 2019.

Anyway, to recap: the start of 2018 found me in a very tight spot, fresh off of a Fall 2017 office move by my non-profit organization. Our org's Boston headquarters had been in the same three bow-front, brick row houses for just shy of 95 years! Sensing it was t…

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