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Tiny Archives Project Quick Tips III: Could You F*^king Not?

I have never worked or volunteered in an archive where I did not have to re-process collections, though most places do encourage you to “leave well enough alone.” In this post I continue with some “Quick Tips” on processing. Find more from previous posts from April and June 2018!

Some Housekeeping Items

Rule 1: Unless you have some crazy quota on how much you must process in a month/year, you should be removing fasteners. Metal corrodes, plastic eventually changes and rubber bands… just... yuck. I understand when big university archives programs with hundreds of linear feet of records choose to take the MPLP (More Product, Less Process) approach, but the rest of us don’t have a ton of excuses. You will only do this once with a collection, it will go in folders and boxes for the next hundred years and will not need to be touched again if you just go ahead and take this step. At the very least, take out paper clips, document clips, rubber bands or other fasteners requiring no tools to rem…

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